Birthstar Astrology Report

What is Birthstar astrology?


A birth star depends upon the presence of the moon in the nakshatra you were born in and it serves as your prime nakshatra which is commonly called as Janam nakshatra or your birth star.

It is important to know that the word nakshatra means that will not parish ever, in other words, it means it will last forever.

So your birth is under the effect of something that was and always will be there and the presence of moon only makes it stronger.

In totality, there are twenty-seven of nakshatra present each has their own effect and own characteristics.It will be easier to understand that the zodiac affects your life but a nakshatra governs your life, it is the detailed study of your life aspects.

How a Birthstar astrology report can help you?

A birth star astrology report will give you the complete account of your life; it is not possible to list all the factors as it is vast and detailed prediction account but we are listing some major aspects that will be discussed:

  • All the problems that you face in your life will be detailed studied and will be discussed with you briefly
  • If a nakshatra that you are born under have any sort of negative effect in your life then that will be discussed in complete details.
  • The guna that is prevalent in your life in accordance of nakshatra will also be mentioned in complete detail.
  • All the solutions and remedy to avoid the mishappenings and negativity in your life will also be discussed.
  • All the puja’s and mantras as per the Vedas to improve the auspicious effect of your nakshatra will also be provided to you.

And much more than this will be included for your complete year in the report.

Our service:

We as a team have collaborated to help the mankind by spiritual methods and we will provide you with the genuine, accurate and precise reading for your Birthstar astrology report, to have one just leave us a query or contact us on our helpline number:+(91) 9069100911

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How worshipping Lord Ganesh at Diwali can make a difference in your life

Lord shiva is the supreme god worshipped by all kind , be it gods, demons, gandharva, yaksh and others. No one has the courage or might to defy him but one boy stopped him and was ready to fight who was beheaded by him by mistake, this boy who had the courage to challenge Shiva was none other than his own son Ganesha, who later was given boon to be worshipped first in every pooja and ritual to make it successful.


So a diwali is not complete without ganesh pooja and to perform ganesh pooja there are certain rituals which are a must to follow, guided to us by lord brahma himself in the form of vedas. Everyone who celebrates diwali must perform Ganesh Pujan Vidhi at Diwali to make it a succcess.

Lord ganesh is the holder of all sukh and samriddhi of life, his wives riddhi and siddhi bless anyone who worships him for life, that is why ganesh ji is also known by the name of vigna harta, he takes away all your problems. You can perform Ganesh Puja at Home by vedic rituals which you must know precisely and they are available at our website step by step.


On the auspicious day of diwali Ganesha ji is worshiped along with the goddess laxmi, at first the devotee must take bath early morning before sunrise get dressed into clean clothing and place a red cloth and idols of lord Ganesha and goddess laxmi at its centre, now place the kalash filled with water and little rice and a nariyal on the top, mark swasktik at every corner of the cloth on the kalash as well and perform Ganesh Puja Vidhi in Hindi, that is available on our website.  A successfull puja will attract all happiness in your life.

Know all that you must do to attract grace of Goddess Laxmi on occasion of Diwali

Goddess laxmi is one of the most important deity who is worshiped on the day of diwali, puja of her can be known as the second important event of the day after diwali itself.

Goddess laxmi is the adishakti roop, she is the wife of lord Vishnu himself and is the beholder of all the wealth, prosperity and abundance in the universe. Diwali serves as the best occasion to worship the deity, though it is extremely improtant to worship lord ganesh first as no pooja is completed without of him worshiped first,

A laxmi puja preparations begins days before the diwali as the whole house is cleaned and  renovated to welcome the goddess in a clean and pure environment, it is invitation and a important part of Laxmi Pooja Viddhi at Diwali including other viddhis as placing a kalash and laxmi stuti and aarti but a proper laxmi puja is set of many mantras that come from the vedas without which no laxmi pooja  is completed especially on the divine occasion of diwali parva, so it is crucial to know all the Laxmi  Pujan Viddhi at Diwali to observe the grace.


It is important to realize why each ahuti and mantra is invoked in the prayers you make without knowledge it is meaningless thats why a mantra is explained to everyone involved in a puja, you can get all the details of Laxmi Pujan at Diwali in Hindi at our website which will make every step easy and accurate to attract the  incoming of goddess laxmi in your house for the attraction of wealth, health, prosperity and abundance. So make your Laxmi Puja 2016 a perfect ritual to observe difference in your life.

Laxmi Ganesh Idol For Diwali Puja

Know all the vedic rituals that are necessary for the auspicious Deepawali

Deepawali is the festival of the triumph of good over evil, it is an embarkment of the new begininng with revival of the old values of righteous path, it was the day when lord rama defeated the evil lord ravana and came back to his nation Ayodhaya after an exile of fourteen years with his wife and younger brother.


Diwali holds a special place when it comes to hindu rituals as this day is blessed by the goddess of wealth goddess laxmi, the preserver lord Vishnu and by all major dieties, it also the day to recieve blessings of lord ganesh as without him no puja is completed, so it becomes extremely crucial to perform each Diwali Puja Vidhi with precision and accuracy as mentioned in the vedas. A successful puja will attract wealth,  abundance, prosperity and success from all corners.

But most aren’t aware of the methods of Vedas but worry not as with us you will not face this problem, as we are a specialized team vedic practionars who will guide you with all Dewali Pujan Vidhi 2016. The vedic ritual are a set of thousands of mantras which are of powerful nature and is the only way to reach the supreme deity.


It is our duty to perform this rituals to recieve the grace of lord vishnu and other dieties on this day. So,  if you wish to change your life for the better and want to experience the divinity of the dieties than perform Diwali Puja 2016 with complete rituals and proper vidhi. Most people fail to realize the importance of these rituals and celebrate the festival yet without any proper knowledge and then keep wondering why so many problems are still a part of life , you can change this with proper Deepawali Puja 2016 this year.

Remove Kaal Sarp Dosha in your Kundli Perform the Kaal Sarp Yog Puja

Do you in trouble for your job? Have you working hard and never get desired result? Do you in problem for your child’s? Or do you have no child? If these problems are arising in your life then analyze your Kundali these problems can be due to Kaal Sarp Dosha, if it exists in your Kundali then you will always face many problems in life.


Kaal sarp dosh is a just transition of the planets in Kundali. Kaal sarp dosh arise due to Rahu and Ketu planet in all nine planets. When all the planets exits between Rahu and Ketu then this Chakra is called the Kaal Sarp Dosha, due to many problems arises.

Because the God of Rahu is Kaal (Mrityu or death) for this reason it need to be neutralize to Rahu by which you can remove the effects of Kaal Sarp Dosha.

There are 12 types of kaal Sap dosha these are: 1. Anant Kaal sarp yog, 2. Kulik Kaal sarp yog, 3. Vasuki Kaal sarp yog, 4. Sankh Pall Kaal sarp yog, 5. Paddya Kaal sarp yog, 6. Maha Paddya Kaal sarp yog, 7. Takshak Kaal sarp yog, 8. Karkotak Kaal sarp yog, 9. Sankh Naad Kaal sarp yog, 10. Patak Kaal sarp yog, 11. Vishakt Kaal sarp yog, 12. Shesh Naag Kaal sarp yog


Are you want to know in your Kundali Kaal Sarp Dosha Exit or not? Send your birth details to us we will analyse and tell you.

If Kaal Sarp Dosha exit you can perform the Kaal Sarp Yog Removal Puja from us, Sawan Mass and Nagpanchami  both are auspicious festival to perform this puja to remove effects of Kaal Sarp Dosha.

You can also buy and wear Kaal Sarp Dosha Ring from kamiyasindoor website.

Contact at official Number of at +91-9999505545.

Meet the answers and solution to all your love and relationship related problems

Love has always complicated the minds of humans as since we are in this world from thousands of year and has established methods to reach the outer space, have become able to fly, cure ourselves, gave birth to technology and what more but still have not able figure out love.

All our other emotions anger, sorrow, rage, jealousy, kindness are well defined and their effect and cause as well but love have been left from this, if you go and ask today to a scientist what is love? He will say it is an emotion and that is the end of it, if you then go to a sage and ask him what is love? He will say love is all about giving and submission right?

But what actually happens when you give and submit that is no less than slavery because people always take this gesture for granted and makes you feel hostile about it.


So, what love is all about and how to resolve all that comes with it, which are problems, confusions, misunderstandings, quarrels and conflicts? Well, worry not as there is an answer and that is a Vashikaran specialist and they expertise all over the world and work as Love Vashikaran Specialist in India as well. These people are scholars of Vedas and its mystical methods which are enough to resolve all our love related problems and gives you the answers to understand it better as well.


They are available as Love Vashikaran Specialist in Delhi also and can be contacted easily. Do not mistake the powers of Vedic ritual with black magic as it is not Vedas were created by brahma the creator so they are blessed with godly blessings. Vedas give us the light of truth and they do the same when it comes to love they make us understand it, overpower it and observe the truest height of it. Once we have obtained this knowledge all the problems, sufferings and pain disappears from our life and we observe the eternal bliss.

Shield yourself from malefic effects of black magic with godsend guidance

Our world and the universe is more than what we understand of it be it what we see and be it what science understands it, if we go by the nature of science than it is only a mean to understand the working of nature and we still are student at its learning and understanding and the universe is full of the powers which we do not understand but it does not mean than that it doesn’t exist.

In actual form it is a web of energies, which flow throughout and affects everything that comes in its contact and it, can be of any form positive, negative and neutral but whatever it can come in contact with leaves an impression on it. The positive of this energy is associated with god and the negative of energy is associated with the ungodliness.

Black Magic Specialist

Now let’s discuss the nature of negative energy or to say black energy, this energy have its own characteristics and will infuse upon anything it touches, the nature could be devastating and malicious for the person who have come in contact and as our world as evolved so has the understanding of man of the nature of these energies that is away from modern science. Since, the time of ancient India there have been a race in devising the methods to use these energies for personal gain especially negative energy and the methods to use them is called Black Magic.

In its presence, the whole of your life can be turned up-side down, it can alter you into person who can be damaging to himself and to others as well and unfortunately people do use it to harm people out of jealousy and for their own personal gains.

Kamakhya Black Magic Removal

How to remove black magic

Well, do not worry as there is presence of positive energy as well in this world and all the black magic effects can be removed with the blessings of maa kamakhya, as she is an incarnation of the body part of devi sati and have her temple in Assam, she is the source of the divine and godsend and all type of black magic can be removed with her blessings. Tantric from all over the country visit the temple to receive the blessings of the devi as they realize its importance. The auspiciousness of the goddess can become your shield and can act as your Kamakhya Black Magic Removal.

The miraculous effects and divinity of the devi can be realized by the fact that a form of magical sindoor is also obtained by the blessings goddess once a month every year.