How worshipping Lord Ganesh at Diwali can make a difference in your life

Lord shiva is the supreme god worshipped by all kind , be it gods, demons, gandharva, yaksh and others. No one has the courage or might to defy him but one boy stopped him and was ready to fight who was beheaded by him by mistake, this boy who had the courage to challenge Shiva was none other than his own son Ganesha, who later was given boon to be worshipped first in every pooja and ritual to make it successful.


So a diwali is not complete without ganesh pooja and to perform ganesh pooja there are certain rituals which are a must to follow, guided to us by lord brahma himself in the form of vedas. Everyone who celebrates diwali must perform Ganesh Pujan Vidhi at Diwali to make it a succcess.

Lord ganesh is the holder of all sukh and samriddhi of life, his wives riddhi and siddhi bless anyone who worships him for life, that is why ganesh ji is also known by the name of vigna harta, he takes away all your problems. You can perform Ganesh Puja at Home by vedic rituals which you must know precisely and they are available at our website step by step.


On the auspicious day of diwali Ganesha ji is worshiped along with the goddess laxmi, at first the devotee must take bath early morning before sunrise get dressed into clean clothing and place a red cloth and idols of lord Ganesha and goddess laxmi at its centre, now place the kalash filled with water and little rice and a nariyal on the top, mark swasktik at every corner of the cloth on the kalash as well and perform Ganesh Puja Vidhi in Hindi, that is available on our website.  A successfull puja will attract all happiness in your life.


Witness the most auspicious and miraculous event on earth this year

The most amazing and oldest gathering is going to occur on earth this year in June, it predates even the Kumbh gathering but not known to much people, it all began in the time when lord shiva got married to devi sati but her father disliked shiva at a great extent and once arranged a great yagna in which he invited everyone except his son in law which sati took as an insult and asked her father to apologize to shiva but he insulted even further this outraged sati and she sat in the hawan kund fire, learning this shiva in grief carried her dead body all around earth which vishnu cut into pieces by sudarshan to take shiva out of his grief.

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All of those pieces fell on earth and a temple was constructed for every body part and where the vulva part fell kamakhya temple was constructed in the name of goddess kamakhya, she is the goddess of fulfilling desires, every year the temple is closed for three days for mother earth menstrual cycle in this period Kamakhya Temple Fair is arranged which is commonly known as ambubachi mela visited by the lakh of devotees every year, it is also a visit for a number of tantriks who visit to obtain siddhis, the temple is reopened after three days and all are gathered to take glimpse of the goddess once.


All that we hope for and desire in this lifetime is blessed by the grace of the goddess, the ceremonial puja of the fourth day is also known by the name of Ambubachi Puja. This year the Ambubachi Mela will be held on 22 June 2016, everyone should visit the temple to obtain the divine blessings of kamakhya goddess.

Learn all you need to know on Hanuman Jayanti this Year

Hanuman jayanti is celebrated as the birth day of lord hanuman that is the eleventh incarnation of Lord Shiva. According to legends lord hanumans birth story began much before his birth, it all began when his mother  in her previous birth was an apsara in heavens and received a curse one time that she have to be born in a mortal world and as  monkey princess.

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She was born in the mortal world and became the monkey princess anjani, who wanted to reach the heavens once again and wanted lift this curse so she went into tapasya where later it was revealed to her that her curse can only be lifted if she gives birth to the eleventh incarnation of lord shiva who will help the seventh incarnation of lord Vishnu in defeating the evil lord ravana. She gave birth to a beautiful child who was later known by the name of hanuman.

Every hanuman jayanti is celebrated with the rituals of vedas which are a must to observe the lords blessings. No Hanuman Jayanti Puja is a success without every hanuman jayanti it is most important rituals to worship not hanuman ji alone but lord Rama as well as lord hanuman is the greatest devotee of ram and it is a must to worship him along with him.

Awakening Hanuman

Lord hanuman acts as a protective shield for his devotees against all odds, he is the ruler of all the Navagraha the nine planets, worshiping him bestow you upon with many benefits and Hanuman Puja At Hanuman Jayanti is the most beneficial puja of all. Once under his blessings you will never be short money, fame, glory, success and will also be saved from malefic planets such as rahu and ketu and will also be saved from the adverse effect of Sade sati of shani dev.

Do you know how to celebrate Ram Navami as per the Holy Vedas?

Ram the name of perfection, the man who is an inspiration to all mankind. If all of the humanity just studies how Rama lived his life? No amount of wrong will ever be seen in life, he lived an exemplary life a potential which is present in all of us, all is needed a will to live by dharma.


Ram is known to be the seventh incarnation of lord Vishnu who came on earth to vanquish evil and to set an exemplary life which can serve all mankind an inspiration to live rightfully. According to the legends ram was born to the king dashrata of kosala kingdom who had no heir and finally because of yagna gods pleased and Vishnu incarnated as his son who later went on the exile of fourteen years. The other purpose of his birth is considered the vanquish of evil demon king ravana who ruled all the worlds even the demi gods.

Ram navami is celebrated in many ways and there is a set of rituals that are present which are directed by the Vedic instructions. First of all it is very important to realize that every puja have a ritual which is a method to invoke the deity and to attract the auspicious blessings of the god. Vidhi for Rama Navami Puja is very simple, which as

  • Take a bath early morning before sunrise.
  • Now get dressed in the clean clothing preferably white in color.
  • Go to a laxmi narayan temple or ram sita temple and offer jal, Nariyal, flower and leaves.
  • Perform ram aarti to please the deity.
  • Now offer some food in charity to the worker.


The other instructions are to observe a complete fast throughout the day in which one meal is allowed of fruits and raw vegetables. A complete Ram Navami Vrat Puja Vidhi will attract the auspicious blessings of Lord Rama in your life in forms of abundance and prosperity, success from all corners and will keep you on the right path of Dharma.

Experience nine times the blessings of Durga this coming navratri

Evil rises in every era but there is always an energy that stops it from overtaking on the good. Humans have always been the fragile target of negative energies and evil but gods see the best in us and have come in different form time to time to rise us above our difficult times.


One such story is the defeat of the most feared demon that first devoted him to gods and gained a boon from the creator lord brahma and then misused it against them only.

The boon almost made him invincible almost immortal vulnerable only to women who he considered no threat to him; drunk in the power he captured all the gods even the supreme deities lord brahma, Vishnu and Mahadev himself was not able to defeat him when no solution came all the gods finally decided to merge their power and durga came in existence and defeated the demon, it took her nine days to slay him. Since then navratri is celebrated, this year Vasant navratri 2016 will remember the goddess once again and all the devotees will devote themselves in devotion of the goddess for nine days. Each day is celebrated with the worship of a different roop of durga maa.


The navratri parva though comes four times a year but not many are aware of the other celebrations. The four parva are known as Vasant, Ashadh, Magha and Shardiya navratri. The Vijaya dashami celebration occurs in the later period of the year. While Vasant navratri is also known as chaitra navratri and Chaitra Navratri 2016 Date is eight of April to fifteenth of April 2016. Those who observe the entire fast during this period are blessed with the divine blessings of the goddess and all the abundance and prosperity is attracted in the life of the person.

Banefits of navratri puja kit: A complete solution for your puja given by kamiya sindoor.

In today’s time if you see around you then you can find so many selfish person, in fact if you see a mirror you will find yourself also selfish in some or the other way and this is not only you, everyone in this world is selfish. Some time we become selfish for ourselves and sometime for our loved ones and it is not bad to become little selfish at least for our loved ones.

God know us because he only made us and send us in this world with a reason with so many other things. He gives us the emotions, heart and mind to think and to become selfish for doing something good but if you hurting someone else for yourselves is not good.


God also knows the human mentality so he also provides us all the things with a reason like the puja product we use in worshiping and we used those product and made a kit of solutions for you. Every product has its meaning and purpose of using it and we searched those purpose of all product and made a complete puja kit.

As you know Navratri Puja is coming soon and this puja has lots of benefits and gives us power to fight with every negative thing and we made a special pujan kit which you can order Online Navratri Puja Kit. This kit helps you in performing puja for all nine days including ram Navami.

Navratri Puja Kit

When you will start using this kit then only you will get to know about all the benefits of Navratri puja kit and because Chaitra Ram Navami is also included in these nine days only so we also provide the puja product of ram Navami with this puja kit only.

If you are the worshiper of Maa Durga then you know about this Navratri very well but for any information related to Navratri or any other festival Visit the given website.

Know some interesting facts of Navratri and its celebration reason

The celebration of nine nights dedicated to the goddess durga that we all know as navratri is about to come at our doors. Navratri celebration is the most awaited festival; the very word navratri is a combination of two words “nav” and “ratri” which means the nine nights.

The last day is celebrated as Dusshera or a Vijaya dashami. The festival is celebrated in different ways in different regions of India like in north India it is celebrated with the mark of Dusshera on last day which is celebrated as the day on which lord Rama killed evil demon lord ravana. While in the east such as west Bengal regions it is celebrated for Vijaya dashami which was the day when goddess durga killed a demon mahisasur who overpowered all the other gods and was blessed by lord brahma that he cannot be killed by any god and creature except a women.


The Navratri Puja is done in nine different ways on each day but is observed by fast on all days. The navratri period comes twice in a year which is well known by all is Vasant navratri and Shardiya navratri but there are other two forms of navratri one is magha navratri and gupt navratri which is well known for tantrik rituals and astronomy purposes which is not known to common people.


This period is also a symbol to realize the power of adishakti and to empower women, Hinduism is the only religion which has given a women god the place of supreme deity, and even the Hindu trinity accepts Devi durga above them. Navratri Puja 2016 will begin on eight of April. The nav roop of goddess are worshiped by different means each day is dedicated to a different form, the method to worship each is instructed in the vedas and must be followed completely to receive the auspicious blessings of the goddess.